[review] KAMMARHEIT – Asleep And Well Hidden

I rarely think that music is perfect. Perfection is so difficult to achieve. It has to be just right. But sometimes, just sometimes, there will be something that comes damn close to being perfect. Asleep And Well Hidden is just one of those albums.

What makes this album so good, then? Well, I can’t really explain. With this recording, it’s all in the little details and subtlety. It’s definitely not your average Dark Ambient album. It has all the elements of Dark Ambient but I can’t name any album or artist that sounds like this or even comes close. Kammarheit stands out from all the other Dark Ambient acts out there because of it’s original and very calm sound. It’s also one of the albums that nails the genre on his head like no other. This is the soundtrack to true desolation and places devoid of all life. Every track is a different portrait of an apocalyptic landscape in the same world. The entire albums just feels complete, every track carefully selected to fit in with all the others. At first, this might sound like a ‘simple’ album but there is a amazing depth presented here that I didn’t really feel or found anywhere else. Some artists and albums seem to suffer from nothing having a clear line throughout their recording and it feels that some tracks are out of place. On Asleep And Well Hidden, every track just flawlessy flows in the other and it sounds like a whole. I heard people complaining about it’s short length though, but I think that’s one of the strengths of this album. It’s not too long and not too short. Just… Good.

One of the best, if not the best (in my opinion), Dark Ambient albums out there. This is darkness incarnate, but a very pleasant darkness indeed. One of those albums you put on during a miserable night, if you just want to see things disappear for a while. A very immersive experience, and I recommend this to everyone. Even those not into Dark Ambient, oh yes. It’s that good.

This album has just been re-released and looks gorgeous. Buy it here: http://cycliclaw.com/


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